V2 Electric Strapping Machine
  • Material:

    PET & PP

  • Color:


  • Profile:

    Weight: 3.35kg
    Width: 13-16mm
    Thickness: 0.4-1.2mm

Product Information

V2 Plastic Pallet Packaging Electric Strapping Machine Banding Tools

Portable Electric Strapping Machine V2 Model for 1/2-5/8 Inch(13-16mm) Width PP PET Straps Handheld Electric Strapping Tool Plastic Pallet Packaging Banding Tools for Strapping

Advantage of V2 Plastic Electric Baler:

1. Quickly Set the pulling force and fusing time you need. Improve work efficiency and accuracy.

2. Portable Handheld design, adjust the tensioning force and welding force using a Display, making it easy to operation

3. Buckle-free saves money  and saves labor Friction welding, improves work efficiency

4. The tensioning force can reach 3200N, making the machine tie tighter when baling products. work well in various packaging scenarios.

Battery Powered V2 Strapping Machine for PET & PP strapping band: 

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