KZ-19/16 Hand Combination Steel Strapping Tool
  • Material:

    Steel Strap

  • Color:


  • Profile:

    Weight: 4.2kg
    Apply strap: Steel Strap
    Strap Specification: (16-19mm)*(0.6-0.8mm)

Product Information

KZ-16/19 Pneumatic Combination Steel Strapping Machine:

This machine is strong and reliable to use in industrial medium/light applications, is available with two different tension motors, and for steel strap of 16 - 19 mm.

Advantage of Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tool:

1. Heavy duty, special construction design, easy to tension for strap steel, aluminum blocks, heavy packing stuff.

2. Equipment with long life, whole tool & spare parts made from alloys with high strength, and high durability.

3. Safe & free of fatigue; Durable; High tightening force, easy to fit for steel, aluminum, brick, and other heavy-duty packaging

4. Easy to operate; light weight machine

Date Sheet of KZ-16/19 Steel Strapping Bundling Machine: 

Apply strapSteel strap
Using air pressure0.49-0.63 Mpa
Withstand tension>6.3KN
Tightening speed5.0 m/min
Tension>4.5 KN
Apply Strap Specification(16*19mm)*(0.6-0.8mm)